From Miley to Chopin and back…

Finding the right partner takes a lot of trial and error for women. For guys, it’s all about the old in out, in out, grabbing tits and ass and, if lucky, getting to park their junk in our trunk. For girls, it’s a total different story. For starters, girls should include a user’s manual as we ourselves, take time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s a delicate symphony that with the right tempo and if the right notes are hit, can provoke a masterpiece of tingly sensations splashing all along the front row. It takes a long time to master this art by ourselves, let alone anyone else that didn’t take music classes. There are a lot of things that guys will do that will completely annihilate the orchestra, turning it into some banjo playing, redneck sounding country song. The following are my accounts of the different guys that turned out be Miley Cyrus instead of Bach or Chopin…


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