30 Life Lessons For 20-Somethings With Too Many Feelings

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1. Laugh constantly. Laugh freely. Laugh at every moment in your life. Laugh when it is appropriate. Laugh when it isn’t. Laugh when it fucking hurts like hell. Laugh when the happiness escaping your throat is as smooth as a whiskey seven. If you cannot laugh when you’re beat down. When you are hurt. When you are two seconds away from inhaling a pain that will drown you, you will never survive.

2. Orgasms are by far, hands down, the best thing for your complexion. Don’t waste money on some ridiculously overpriced face wash. Lancome is a lie. So is Cover Girl. Instead, put your fingers to work. Go pay the thirty or fifty bucks for a bunny that’s guaranteed to get you off. Become comfortable enough with an individual to sleep with them on a daily basis. Just cum consistently and your pores will thank you.

3. A cob…

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10 Things Only You Can Give Yourself

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1. The feeling of being truly healthy. If you are eating terrible food and not moving enough, or exhausting yourself drinking until three AM four nights a week, only you really know it. And even if someone touches your body and says it is beautiful, only you know if you are really treating it well. Being told you look slim or your skin is glowing is not a replacement for actually treating your body with respect.

2. Confidence to ask for what you deserve in a relationship, whether platonic or romantic. Perhaps someone will just happen to treat you well, but if you are not ready to demand it, you can never expect to find it in your relationships. And if you don’t feel that you are fundamentally worthy of being treated with respect and compassion, no one is going to convince you that you are.

3. The understanding of…

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The Real New girl…

I’ve always liked surrounding myself with guys. They are simple, funny, drama-free and will protect when need be. I decided to move to Toronto and who better than with two of my best friends and one acquaintance. I wasn’t prepared for the madness, disgustingness, stress, and alien universe that would be living with boys. Boys are messy, boys are smelly, that’s to be expected. I can be messy and I can… well no.. I’m never smelly.. (moving on) However, I never expected the catastrophic smells that could be generated from the human body.